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We are proud to offer XC schooling on our 50 acres golf course turned XC course. We have levels from Starter up to Training level.   There are many portable XC fences as well as permanent structures such as banks, ditches, and a water complex.  

Screenshot XC jumps.jpg

Just a few of
the jumps that
will be featured
at the Fairway!

Jumps designed and built by Fadeaway's own, Chris Ruane

Rules - Registration - Fees

Please bring a ground person/instructor/ or schedule with Amanda Ruane for lessons on the course. Please have your ground person or instructor have a charged cell phone available in case of any emergencies. Outside instructors are welcome to coach their students if they provide proof of professional liability insurance. 

Helmets and safety vests must be worn while mounted and we highly recommend you wear your medical arm band while schooling.

There is a porta potty located on the property near the entrance as well as a First Aid kit.

We will have a water tank available for sponging horses off, although we highly recommend bringing water with you.   Water is not for human consumption but safe for livestock to drink.

If you bring multiple horses, we do have round pen stalls available for rent if you do not wish to leave horses on trailer or tied to trailer.  ($20 per use of each stall).

Prior to visiting The Fairway, you must follow the next 4 steps. 

All payments, waivers, coggins and additional information needs to be completed at the time of booking. 

Step 1:

Schedule a date/time

Step 2:

Pay registration fees

Step 3:

Review and sign waiver

& upload coggins

Step 4:

When you arrive, please call

(412) 334-2941

Step 1: Schedule your date/time

Step 2: Pay registration fees

Fees set at $50 for each horse and rider combination.  

Example: one rider schooling 3 different horses will be charged for each horse he/she rides.

Round pen rentals available: $20/each

Payments must be paid in full at the time of booking.  Fees are non-refundable.

venmo:  @fadeaway-farm  (add QR code to scan with phone)

Step 3: Review/sign waiver & upload coggins

Please review the following waiver and sign/date.  If bringing your own trainer on site, trainer will need to upload a copy of their liability insurance prior to training on site.  Coggins will need to be up to date and uploaded at the time of booking.


Please enter waiver information here.... 



Liability Insurance


*upload if you are having your own trainer on site

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