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Marianne & Topper 

Pittsburgh, PA

My re-entry into horse life can be credited to Amanda Ruane and Fadeaway Farm... I restarted riding lessons after a long break and decided to purchase a horse.  I have a soft spot for OTTB's and I was told that Amanda was the person to get a restarted OTTB from if you lived in the Pittsburgh and surrounding tristate area.  She had an exemplary reputation and everything that I had heard was true.  I purchased my boy, Tapngo aka Topper, from her and continued to have her train him, board him and give me lessons. 
The process from the beginning was professional.  The purchase process was easy.  Amanda worked with my vet for the PPE and then continued to have him in her training program.  I cannot say enough about her horsemanship.  She starts her horses from the ground and then continues.  She concentrates on making sure they have "the basics" - loading, standing for farrier, groundwork - in place and then continues to focus on the riding.  Her caring for the health of the horse is obvious.  Fadeaway Farm is a great place to board with a truly drama free environment and a supportive group of boarders no matter the level at which you ride. Amanda as an instructor, is patient and knowledgeable.  She continues to participate in lessons and clinics herself to further this knowledge.
Unfortunately, I relocated within the past year and had to leave Fadeaway.... however, I left knowing that I could always reach out with questions and concerns and an open invitation to visit if back in the area.  My support for Fadeaway Farm and Amanda is complete.  If anyone is looking for lessons/training/purchasing a horse, you need look no further!
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