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Horse Sales Policy

Purchasing or selling a horse is a major decision. It can be a decision made in haste or one with an extended period of indecision. When Fadeaway Farm sells a horse to a buyer, we look to provide a reasonable period of due diligence while acknowledging that a good horse could have many potential buyers. Therefore, we operate on a first come first serve basis. The horses we sell are available for sale until they are paid for in full.

If a pre-purchase exam is desired it should be set up for a scheduled day and time by the buyer. The horse will be reserved until the pre-purchase exam is completed. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required at the time the pre-purchase exam is scheduled to hold the horse for the buyer through completion of the pre-purchase exam. We will not sell the horse to another buyer before you have had the opportunity to complete your pre-purchase exam.

If you decide on moving forward with purchasing the horse, the deposit will be applied to the purchase price. This is a non-refundable deposit, so in the event you decide not to proceed with purchasing the horse, for any reason, it will not be returned.   The potential buyer will have up to 2 business days to decide if you are proceeding with the purchase after the completion of the pre-purchase exam.

You may choose not to put down a non-refundable deposit, however, that means we will not reserve the horse and another potential buyer could decide to purchase the horse outright before your pre-purchase exam is completed.


We do not permit horses to go out for trial periods, but you are more than welcome to test ride as many times as you like until the horse is purchased by you or another buyer.

Setting up a Pre-Purchase Exam: We recommend Allegheny Equine for scheduling pre-purchase exams as they are local to our farm and have multiple vets that do not provide any routine work for us. We are not their normal client thus removing the potential for a conflict of interest.

Allegheny Equine Vet Services 724-325-4615

Transportation: We will transport a purchased horse within a 2–4-hour range of Sarver PA 16055 for a fee.  An alternate or private carrier is welcome to transport the horse as well.  Fadeaway Farm will hold the horse for 5 calendar days at no cost while shipping is arranged. However, after the 5th calendar day, boarding fees will be charged at $35 a day until the horse is picked up.

Form of Payment: Cash, Certified check, or money wire.


Price Categories of Horse for sale


Category A: 10K and under

Category B: 10-15K

Category C: 15-25K

Category D: 25-50K



Fifty Cents

Fifty Cents, aka: Cash is a 7 year old, OTTB gelding, standing at 16.2 hands.  Lovely manners in the barn, great for the farrier and vet. He has been exposed to trial riding and a few off the farm field trips to clinics.  Loads great onto the trailer and travels well.  Lightly started over fences and would be a great project for a professional on a budget as he is green.  Price category A. 

The Fieldmaster

The Fieldmaster, aka: Mickey is a 6 year old, imported Irish Draught gelding, standing at 16 hands. I can't say enough good things about the wonderful brain on this horse. He is very safe, no vices or maintenance, super feet and is currently barefoot and sound.  Loads well on the trailer, ties nicely, good for clipping and fantastic to hack out . Mickey is a solid citizen, and I can see this horse excelling in fox hunting career,  Eventing or Dressage. He has amazing pedigree and the possibilities are endless. Price category B.


Jr.'s Day- sold!

16 hand, 7 year old, Thoroughbred gelding. He has competed at the 2021 Retired Racehorse Project in Eventing and Dressage with a 7th place finish. Jr.'s Day is fantastic to hack out alone or in company, good for farrier and loads great on the trailer. He has the  potential to excel as a hunter or straight Dressage prospect as he has scored in the mid and upper 70s at USDF competitions.   Price category B

Auto Pilot - sold!

Fancy 13 year old Dutch warmblood cross gelding, 16.1 hands. Pilot is an amateurs dream and helps install confidence in his riders. Great personality, easy to work around, and very mannerly. Pilot has evented very successfully through Beg Novice and Novice level of eventing and does extremely well in the dressage with scores in the 20s. In 2014 he won Erie Horse Trials at BN and won Loch Moy Horse Trial at BN on his dressage score, no issues with water, banks or ditches. Very simple straight forward horse to ride and loves his job. Pilot is a mild cribber and controlled with a collar, he is 100% sound and healthy with no issues.

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